The value of routine plumbing maintenance

Routine maintenance of your home plumbing system helps in keeping away hours of anxiety caused due to sudden disruptions and stoppages. If there is a problem in your home plumbing, damages are expected. You will not just face hours of crisis due to the problem, but you might also have to cough up a lot of money on repairs or in complex situations, you might have to get things replaced as well.

Thus, it is important to carry out a few routine maintenance jobs throughout the year which will help in keeping away sudden problems.


Check for your water bill usage on a regular basis. If you find any kind of abnormality, it might be due to water heater problems.  This is especially the situation, when you have not made any changes in usage. There is a probability of some kind of leakage somewhere which needs immediate attention so that the problem is solved.


Replacing angle stops before they stop working is a good way to ensure that future emergencies do not occur. There are a number of connections just under the sink and sometimes behind the toilet. These usually connect to the main water source of your home. If the stops are quite old, they might burst and there will be water damage. If you are able to replace them before they burst or something unnatural happens, it is a good way to solve the problem.


If you notice any kind of leakage, even though they are minor ones, it is a good idea to have them repaired as soon as possible. However, it is observed in many homes, that people often allow small leakages to continue for a long time. You need to remember that leakages will not get fixed by themselves. They need intervention and you need to have them quickly fixed. Even if the leakage seems to be a minor problem, it is good to get it repaired.


Keep inspecting the water heater on a regular basis, so that any leakage or inefficiencies in operating are detected as soon as possible. Water heaters tend to cause problems due to regular usage, problems due to rusting or after they have exhausted their normal usage time.


Common plumbing pipes

In any building construction a number of pipes are used. Pipes are a main and integral part of the plumbing system. These are known to serve a number of purposes – here are some of them:

  • They are used for water supply in the building.
  • These are used for rainwater disposal above ground.
  • They are used for disposing water from washbasin and also water closets.
  • They are used for draining waste water to the town sewers and also septic tanks.

If you love to know more about plumbing, then here is some information on the common kinds of pipes which are available. These pipes are used for the above purposes.

  • Concrete Pipes
  • Stoneware pipes
  • Cast iron fittings and pipes
  • PVC pipes and plastic
  • Galvanized steel pipes
  • Asbestos pipes

Let us understand briefly about these pipes and understand how and why they are used:

Concrete Pipes – These are available in large diameters and are usually used for water supply. There are reinforced pipes which are commonly used to drain rain water. The pipes which are of large diameter are used for the purpose of major water supply.

Stoneware Pipes – These pipes are generally available in different internal diameters and of various thicknesses. These are used for underground drainage. These are used in low cost buildings. These are laid in soils of different kinds. However, it is important that these pipes are laid by expert plumbers or under the supervision of experts only.

Cast Iron Fittings and Pipes – These pipes are generally used for the purpose of disposing rainwater. These pipes are available in various thicknesses.

PVC or Plastic Pipes –These are plasticised PVC pipes, uplasticized PVC pipes and chlorinated PVC pipes. The specific pipes are suitable for use in cold water and also in high temperature depending on usage.

Galvanized Steel Pipes – These pipes are used from steel. There is a thin deposit of zinc on the pipe which helps in protecting the pipe from corrosion. These pipes are available in heavy, medium and light grades which are dependent on the metal.

Asbestos Cement Pipes – Such pipes are suitable for use in drainage, especially in drainage from soil, roofs and wastage. These pipes are used for ventilation as well. These pipes are usually available in length of 3 meters.


Plumbing tips for winter

A holiday weakened is the worst time when plumbing emergencies happen. During the winter holiday people with their family and friends mostly spend time indoor and that too in the kitchen due to cold outside. Winter is the time to spend and enjoy time with your loved ones. You may host a dinner, or you may be a guest in a party hosted by someone else. In this situation the only thing that one may want is that no plumbing emergencies arise that may spoil your holiday festive mood. This article will give you a few effective and easy plumbing tips that will help you to enjoy a problem free holiday with your guests and families and save you from common plumbing catastrophes.

Inspection by Professional Plumber:

The first and the foremost thing to stay away from any type of plumbing problem in this season is to conduct an inspection on your home plumbing system by experiences plumbers. Contact a reputed plumbing company and ask for their help. An inspection by an experienced plumber not only will fix the present problem, but also make you aware of any plumbing problem you are going to face in the near future. This will help you to avoid the major plumbing problem or total breakdown in the near future.

Do not Clog Kitchen Sink:

Winter holiday means lots of cooking in your kitchen. Deep frying turkey is one of the most popular items in winter. What will do with excess fried oil? Will you throw it in the sink? No, never. Once the grease enters the drain and cools, it will instantly start to clog up your pipe. Be sure that unwanted particles like vegetable skin, left over foods are not entering the drain. Better put a mesh screen in the sink to avoid the clogged sink. Pour a jug of boiling hot water in the mouth of kitchen sink daily after finishing your work. It will help you to flush out grease that has entered in the drain.

Use Garbage Disposal Properly:

You may have lots of leftover food after a holiday gathering. But do not throw them into the garbage disposal. Avoid throwing chicken bones, eggshells, fruit and vegetable peel, corn husk, rice, etc. into the disposal. It may damage the unit.

Use Toilet Properly:

With the additional guests inside your home there may be extra pressure in your toilet.Keep an eye on your toilet and see that your guests are not flushing cotton balls, feminine products, swabs, etc. which do not dissolve in the water. Keep trash can near the sink or toilet and see that they are being used properly.

Prevent Frozen Pipes:

The frozen pipe is one of the most common problems in winter. The water inside the pipe freezes and expands. It leads to burst pipe. Pipes that are exposed to severe cold like outdoor hose pipe, garden pipe, water sprinkler, or pipes in unheated areas like basement, garage and attics, are prone to easy freezing and bursting. To prevent that drain water from pipes and swimming pool and stop the water supply in these areas. Insulation maintains to keep higher temperature and prevent freezing. So, add insulation to unheated areas.

Importance of kitchen plumbing

The kitchen is the most important part of your home. It is the central room at any home. It is the place where food is cooked and eaten, where the family gathers and talks about the day’s event. It is the cozy meeting place of our intimate family members. For this reason you need to maintain it properly. For this reason, a professional plumber is the best. Not only that, if you have a dream kitchen in mind and want to renovate it, you need the help of a professional plumber.

Sometimes there are many minor problems that often arise in the kitchen and most of the homeowners try to fix them of their own. Sometimes they become successful, but sometimes most of the minor problems turn to a major look and the activity in your kitchen becomes stand still. This article is for them who do not want to hire a professional plumber for their kitchen and thinks that is just wastage of money.

Reasons You Should Call a Professional Plumber

Clogged Sink:

Clogged sink is the most common problem of your kitchen. You may clear it with the help of baking soda and hot water at the very primary stage. But, if your sinks get clogged again and again and very frequently, you need to take the help of a professional plumber because it could be the sign of a bigger problem. If you try to unclog your sink with the help of harsh chemicals, it may damage your health because you do not know the proper use of those products. Moreover, making multiple attempts to clear your drain with harsh chemicals ultimately damage your plumbing unit.

Leaky faucet:

A leaky faucet in the kitchen is another common problem. The leaky faucet not only raises your water bill, it also keeps your kitchen wet all the time which is unhealthy. Do not try to fix it of your own, you may mess it. Call a professional plumber because he knows the right technique to change it. Moreover, he has right equipment which you do not have.

Foul Smell:

Foul smells coming from kitchen drain is another common problem. It mainly happens after holiday season. In holiday there may be lots of cooking at your home. Naturally lots of grease and spices go through the drain this time. Gradually these things get rotten inside the pipe and foul smell comes. Pouring vinegar and baking soda is a good way to neutralize smells. But if your drain gives foul odor extremely, it should be treated seriously with the help of professional plumbers. There may be build up inside the drain or may not be there is no proper ventilation inside pipes and it get to be treated professionally to get rid of foul smell.

To Renovate Your Kitchen:

If your kitchen has become old, to give it a new look renovate it according to your ability. To renovate your kitchen, you need a help of professional plumbers. While hiring the plumbers, check their reputation. Go for those plumbers that offer high-quality work at moderate price.