Plumbing tips for winter

A holiday weakened is the worst time when plumbing emergencies happen. During the winter holiday people with their family and friends mostly spend time indoor and that too in the kitchen due to cold outside. Winter is the time to spend and enjoy time with your loved ones. You may host a dinner, or you may be a guest in a party hosted by someone else. In this situation the only thing that one may want is that no plumbing emergencies arise that may spoil your holiday festive mood. This article will give you a few effective and easy plumbing tips that will help you to enjoy a problem free holiday with your guests and families and save you from common plumbing catastrophes.

Inspection by Professional Plumber:

The first and the foremost thing to stay away from any type of plumbing problem in this season is to conduct an inspection on your home plumbing system by experiences plumbers. Contact a reputed plumbing company and ask for their help. An inspection by an experienced plumber not only will fix the present problem, but also make you aware of any plumbing problem you are going to face in the near future. This will help you to avoid the major plumbing problem or total breakdown in the near future.

Do not Clog Kitchen Sink:

Winter holiday means lots of cooking in your kitchen. Deep frying turkey is one of the most popular items in winter. What will do with excess fried oil? Will you throw it in the sink? No, never. Once the grease enters the drain and cools, it will instantly start to clog up your pipe. Be sure that unwanted particles like vegetable skin, left over foods are not entering the drain. Better put a mesh screen in the sink to avoid the clogged sink. Pour a jug of boiling hot water in the mouth of kitchen sink daily after finishing your work. It will help you to flush out grease that has entered in the drain.

Use Garbage Disposal Properly:

You may have lots of leftover food after a holiday gathering. But do not throw them into the garbage disposal. Avoid throwing chicken bones, eggshells, fruit and vegetable peel, corn husk, rice, etc. into the disposal. It may damage the unit.

Use Toilet Properly:

With the additional guests inside your home there may be extra pressure in your toilet.Keep an eye on your toilet and see that your guests are not flushing cotton balls, feminine products, swabs, etc. which do not dissolve in the water. Keep trash can near the sink or toilet and see that they are being used properly.

Prevent Frozen Pipes:

The frozen pipe is one of the most common problems in winter. The water inside the pipe freezes and expands. It leads to burst pipe. Pipes that are exposed to severe cold like outdoor hose pipe, garden pipe, water sprinkler, or pipes in unheated areas like basement, garage and attics, are prone to easy freezing and bursting. To prevent that drain water from pipes and swimming pool and stop the water supply in these areas. Insulation maintains to keep higher temperature and prevent freezing. So, add insulation to unheated areas.