Common plumbing pipes

In any building construction a number of pipes are used. Pipes are a main and integral part of the plumbing system. These are known to serve a number of purposes – here are some of them:

  • They are used for water supply in the building.
  • These are used for rainwater disposal above ground.
  • They are used for disposing water from washbasin and also water closets.
  • They are used for draining waste water to the town sewers and also septic tanks.

If you love to know more about plumbing, then here is some information on the common kinds of pipes which are available. These pipes are used for the above purposes.

  • Concrete Pipes
  • Stoneware pipes
  • Cast iron fittings and pipes
  • PVC pipes and plastic
  • Galvanized steel pipes
  • Asbestos pipes

Let us understand briefly about these pipes and understand how and why they are used:

Concrete Pipes – These are available in large diameters and are usually used for water supply. There are reinforced pipes which are commonly used to drain rain water. The pipes which are of large diameter are used for the purpose of major water supply.

Stoneware Pipes – These pipes are generally available in different internal diameters and of various thicknesses. These are used for underground drainage. These are used in low cost buildings. These are laid in soils of different kinds. However, it is important that these pipes are laid by expert plumbers or under the supervision of experts only.

Cast Iron Fittings and Pipes – These pipes are generally used for the purpose of disposing rainwater. These pipes are available in various thicknesses.

PVC or Plastic Pipes –These are plasticised PVC pipes, uplasticized PVC pipes and chlorinated PVC pipes. The specific pipes are suitable for use in cold water and also in high temperature depending on usage.

Galvanized Steel Pipes – These pipes are used from steel. There is a thin deposit of zinc on the pipe which helps in protecting the pipe from corrosion. These pipes are available in heavy, medium and light grades which are dependent on the metal.

Asbestos Cement Pipes – Such pipes are suitable for use in drainage, especially in drainage from soil, roofs and wastage. These pipes are used for ventilation as well. These pipes are usually available in length of 3 meters.