Graham County Railroad No. 1925

In 1925 the Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio built this seventy-ton Shay Locomotive for the Graham County Railroad Company in Robbinsville, North Carolina. The Shays were an unusual locomotive and approximately 2,770 were built between 1880 and 1945. The engines were designed to pull heavy loads across rough terrain and up steep grades. They had a different method of power transmission than the traditional “rod” locomotive. The Shays all used a crankshaft on the right side to turn the wheels. The working speed was ten miles-per-hour and the top speed was eighteen miles-per-hour. For fifty years this locomotive hauled wood products from the Snowbird Mountains through the Nantahala George for paper companies in North Carolina as well as coal, fuel oil and other necessities for the people living in Graham County. In 1970 Engine No. 1925 was the next-to-the-last steam locomotive in service in the United States so Charles Kuralt covered the locomotives last run on his television series “On the Road”. The engine came to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in 1987 and was newly restored in 1997. It is now used to demonstrate a working steam locomotive and to provide tours through the museums grounds in Spencer, North Carolina.

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  • The picture along with the background and the surface etc are all really great, I would like to visit this place If I ever got a chance,you shot very perfectly!

    Comment | January 27, 2010
  • Douglas Thompson

    Too bad that she’s out of service along with the North Carolina Transportation Museums’ main steamer #604.

    Comment | October 12, 2010

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