Art Gallery along the Colorado River

 Petroglyphs Moab Utah

Driving along the south side of the Colorado River outside Moab Utah we found amazing rock art of the Anasazi Indians.  Ancient pueblo dwellers, they inhabited the four corners of the southwest -Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado from approximately 200 to 1300 AD.  They built their dwellings in caves and on ledges of the narrow canyon walls.  It was on these canyon walls that we discovered the compelling and mysterious images of the people the Navajo called “Ancient Strangers”.

Through the years there have been many speculations as to the meaning of the rock art images.
There were many squiggly lines, spirals, animals large and small, Big Horn Sheep, triangular nets and large centipedes.  Also many images of people with shields, spears and objects that appeared to be hanging from their hands –people standing alone, in groups and lines of people connected together—people that were tall, short, round and triangular.  

  In a small area on the wall was a lone hand print—I wanted to “touch” - but the sandstone tends to deteriorate very easily and I did not want to take a chance on damaging this incredible piece of history.

The Anasazi “disappeared” about 700 years ago, leaving all their possessions- the reason for their departure still remains a mystery- but as they speak from the canyon walls the “Ancient Strangers” continue to live on-


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