Shallotte North Carolina

 I have found another tree house!

This one is located just off Highway 17 between Wilmington, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the small town of Shallotte.

This community was incorporated in 1899 and was named for the Shallotte River, which was named for the onion-like plants growing along the banks. (I thought that was interesting!)

Driving out to Shallotte Point, the Live Oak stands in the middle of a white picket fence on the side of the road-in fact some of the limbs reach all the way across the road to the other side!  There are no signs directing you or any historical markers to give you any information about this beautiful oak.  But there is a sign on the tree itself that reads, “The experts say this tree could be over 2,000 years old.  If so, it was living when Christ walked the earth.  Let’s take care of it and maybe it will be living when HE returns.”

You can see where large limbs have been lost or damaged due to storms, humans or just aging-but it has not affected the natural beauty and grace of this wonderful tree.

I wish I knew the “Story” of this tree so I could share it with you but does that really matter-didn’t someone say, “a picture is worth a thousands words”…


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