Shiloh Methodist Church

Troy North Carolina



Down a dusty road surrounded by a grove of large oaks, quietly sits Shiloh Methodist Church-


There are no records when the first congregation was organized but it is believed that in 1836 a log church was moved to this present location from Shiloh Springs.  In 1883 the present building was constructed and the log building was used for the school.


There has never been electricity or in-door plumbing and around back is a cemetery for the Shiloh families.  Preaches did not have to worry about their congregations “nodding off” during a sermon due to the hard wooden benches in the sanctuary.


Stories are told of the singin’, shoutin’, prayin’ and camp meetin’s that were held there until 1928 when the church closed.


Every year since 1939 a reunion is held at Shiloh for the former members and school alumni.


The first Saturday in December they hold a Christmas Tea and Candlelight Communion that is open to the public.  They have three services and there is standing room only.


It is said—“Shiloh, a place spoken of as a scared place, a place set apart, and a place kept plain, natural and simple, seems to live up to the meaning of its name-place where God dwells”-




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