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“Ashley asked questions to get to the heart of my children’s personalities before we ever talked about the technical details of the portrait. I appreciate the fact that he truly wanted to capture the spirit of my very unique family, not just snap a picture.”

Ashley Fetner fine art portraits are pieces of art that make a statement, not just reflect faces. Ashley’s passion is to frame the essence of the personalities in each and every one of his fine art portraits and to tell the powerful story behind those individuals.

Prior to your portrait session, you’ll enjoy a personal consultation with Ashley to discuss the purpose of the portrait, the clothing, the background, and literally tailor-make a piece of art to hang on your wall where your loved ones are the subject.

See a collection of Ashley’s Fine Art Portraits and read the personal stories that make each photograph a work of art to the people who cherish them.

Ashley Fetner Fine Art Photography

“Ashley has a magic ability to see something others might consider ordinary and turn it into a powerful artistic statement. I only wish that I could see the world through his eyes…”

You’ve seen Ashley Fetner’s riveting fine art photography in National Geographic Explorer Magazine, The National Geographic Landscapes of the World calendar, and on the walls of various homes and offices. Now you can own a personalized Ashley Fetner fine art photography piece to inspire you and those around you each day.

Ashley’s fine art photography can be customized to capture the landscapes and objects that have special meaning to you. The tire swing hanging outside of grandmother’s house becomes a piece of art that helps you feel centered on a daily basis. The church where you were married becomes a work of fine art that you both cherish as the years unfold.

Interior designers and businesses often commission Ashley for fine art photography to capture the essence of a company in fine art photography designs that fill a space with a sense of pride and honor in its personal brand.

See a collection of Ashley’s Fine Art Photography and imagine the possibilities for your home or office. To personalize your home or office, commission Ashley to create a Fine Art Portrait or select one of his Fine Art Prints.

Fine Art Prints and Note Cards

“These note cards are just too pretty to stash away in a drawer! I’m giving one to a friend who is going through a difficult time along with a beautiful frame she can hang it in after she reads the message. Not only will she be inspired each day by this incredible image, she’ll always know that those words of encouragement are just beyond the glass.”

Share the power and passion of fine art photography with those around you with Ashley Fetner fine art prints and note cards. These stunning fine art prints are available in three different types of high quality paper and suitable for framing and gift giving.

See a collection of Ashley’s Fine Art Prints and Note Cards to share with your friends, family, clients, and business prospects.

About Ashley Fetner

Ashley Fetner is among the nation’s most beloved fine art photographers. His work has been feature in numerous publications including National Geographic Explorer and North Carolina Wildlife Magazine. Early in his career, Ashley worked with world renowned fine art photographers Gerhardt Bakker and former Theatrical and White House Photographer B. Artin Haig. To read more about Ashley Fetner, visit his Meet the Artist Page.

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